Affordable Portable Solar Electricity Generator

expeditionaryportablepowerkitAffordable portable solar electricity generators are hard to find. You need to spend a lot of to shop around. Plus the price of a solar power generator depends on the amount power it can generate. We’re here to help you find the right one for the right price. Below are some of the most affordable portable solar generators in the market today.

S-1116: 12V Briefcase Solar Generator

This is the cheapest one in the list. The Briefcase Solar Generator from Golden Gadgets has amorphous silicon solar cells that can generate electricity even during cloudy days. Its maximum power output is 13 watts with working voltage output of 14V. It could be used as a battery maintainer for big vehicle, marine boat or motor house. It can provide electricity to power electric devices, laptops, and a lot more. Or you can use it as power source while camping or when the location is off the grid. The kit comes with solar briefcase, battery clamps, and a cigarette lighter plug.

Xantrex Technologies Xpower AC/DC Powerpack Solar

This portable solar electricity generator is compatible with devices that runs on 120 volt AC or 12 volt DC products. It features two 120 volt AC outlets, a 12 volt DC socket, and a USB port. It has a 40 watt inverter, three digit display for status monitoring, and an AC charger so that you can plug it in a wall outlet for emergency purposes. It runs quietly, which makes it a great alternative to a conventional generator. It is the first solar portable power generator that incorporates solar power in a compact case. The solar panels are detachable from the case so that you can position them to get the maximum exposure from the sun.

Expeditionary Portable Power Kit “201”

This portable solar electricity generator from Perigee Power Solutions comes in a rugged case that features AUX multiport so you can connect several kits with each other. It comes with a 10 watt 12 volt foldable solar panel. It has a dual AC outlet with 200W/400W inverter. It has an over/under voltage and thermal protection that alarms during low voltage output. It also has a 3 amp regulator with built in reverse current protection and an easy to read LED that indicates AC power, charging state and battery condition. A fully charged battery can provide 168 watt hour. It has a fast recharge rate and weather resistant.

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