Benefits of Portable Solar Power Kits

powerfilmf15360060wfoldingsolarpanelchargerSolar power has become a major player in the power sector. In the past, solar panels were expensive and their efficiency is not that good. Technology improved and solar panels became cheaper and more portable. What used to be huge panels on top of the roof is equivalent to a single rooftop unit at present.

Researchers have developed technology that made it possible for portable solar power kits. At present, solar panels are lightweight, small, and more efficient. It can produce enough power and at the same time can be moved from one place to another.

Portable solar power kits allow people access to solar power wherever they and whenever they need it. These are made to be simple to use and easy to carry around. Portable kits come in various forms and sizes. Most portable solar panels are used to power small electronic devices and considered as small draw equipment.

Portable solar panels are made to charge batteries that are used to power small devices for outdoor activities such as lanterns, camping stoves, and flashlights. Most models have adapter plugs to make it compatible with most devices. This allows the user plug in the device that needs to be charged.

Some are small enough to be stored in one’s car such as Wagan 2017 Solar Car Battery Charger. And there are foldable ones such as Goal0 12301 Nomad 7M Solar Panel and Powerfilm F15-3600 60w Folding Solar Panel Charger.

There are portable solar panels in the market that are designed as mobile phone chargers. These are certified bestsellers as people depend more on their smartphones even when they’re in the outdoors. This is an effective way to extend a phone’s battery life.

Gone are the days when you need a large solar installation to charge a battery. Today small solar panels are enough to charge a laptop, cell phone, or any other small electronic device. Now you wouldn’t have a dead smartphone while on a camping trip or in the middle of the ocean.

There are various plug-and-play solar chargers that are designed for small electronic devices. Some of which include Premium Solar Charger by XTG Technology, ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore by Accessory Genie, and the generic Solar Mobile Charger.

Today’s solar panels are small and effective are embraced by the consumers who are looking for ways to turn green. It is common to find portable solar power in the market that makes life simpler while being friendlier to the environment.

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  1. Ann October 31, 2011 at 10:43 am #

    Hi there,
    These devices are fantastic. We use one for our pond since we lost several fish during a power outage. Now, we don’t have to worry and we are helping the environment as well. Thanks for showing these money saving devices.

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