Best-Selling Portable Solar Power Generator

expeditionarykit201People prefer using portable solar power generators in caravan parks and campgrounds because they are silent and more environmentally friendly compared to the fossil fuel generators. There are several models in the market today. Below are some of the bestselling kits available.

Portable Solar Power Generator: Expeditionary Kit

This ruggedly designed portable solar power generator from Perigee Power Solutions is a 12V DC/115V AC generator kit that features AUX multiport that allows easy connection of multiple units if you need more juice. The kit includes a single 10-watt 12 Volt High Efficiency Foldable solar panel, dual AC outlet 200W/400W inverter and an over/under voltage and thermal protection with low voltage alert. It has easy to read LED display that indicates DC/AC power, battery condition, and charging status. The battery pack is modular and sealed to make the battery last long.

Xpower AC/DC Powerpack

If you’re just looking for a portable solar power generator to power your small electronic devices then this kit from Xantrex might do the trick. It is compatible with most 120 volt AC or 12 volt DC products. IT features a built-in inverter, two 120 volt AC outlets, one 12 volt DC socket, and a USB port. If the sun is not out, you can charge it through a standard wall outlet. It has a digital display to monitor its battery status.

Solar Generator from Solutions from Science

This portable solar power generator by Solutions from Science is able to provide continuous power for computers, lights, televisions, sump pumps, and radios. It is the perfect alternative to gas generators. Aside from emergency cases, it can also be used in camping, boating or in construction sites. It is easy to use. You just need to plug it in and it’s good to go. The kit comes with 1,800 watt inverter, five 120 Volt outlets, LED digital display, 90 watt solar panel, solar panel cart that has summer/winter sun angle settings. It could be charged from either solar panel or AC outlet.

Coleman Solar Power Generator Kit

Coleman offers a portable solar power generator kit that can be used anywhere and anytime as long as the sun is up. It comes with 3 55-watt solar panels, brackets, inverter and everything you need to generate electricity from the sun. It is compatible with 12 volt and 11 volt devices. You don’t need special tools to run it.

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