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Red Cross Field Hospitals with Portable Solar Power

The Canadian Red Cross takes less than 12 hours to have operating rooms up and running in a disaster zone. Its heavy-duty inflatable tents can be put up in less than 20 minutes.

Benefits of Portable Solar Power Kits

Solar power has become a major player in the power sector. In the past, solar panels were expensive and their efficiency is not that good. Technology improved and solar panels became cheaper and more portable.

Sunforce Folding Solar Panel

Sunforce Folding Solar Panel is the perfect choice to provide power for electronic devices with the use of solar energy. This is ideal in places that are disconnected from the power grid or when you’re on the move.

Portable Solar Power for RVs

When you’re out on a trip in your RV, you can save money on fuel if you utilize a portable solar power system. Not only will you save on your fuel bill, you’ll also have peace of mind at night because solar power is much quieter than the typical generator used to provide electricity when […]