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Green Lighting For All Occasions

The best bulbs available are LED bulbs which cost the most initially but with their massive life span and fractional energy costs, they pay for themselves in the first year’s savings over traditional bulbs.

Portable Solar Power Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are still thinking of that last minute Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, then this list could help you give the gift of solar. Portable solar power products let the receiver enjoy the device without worrying about batteries and stuff.

Portable Solar Power with Sunforce 22005

Sunforce 22005 12 Volt MotoMaster Eliminator Folding Solar Panel might be a mouthful but it does with it is supposed to do. It collects sunlight and converts it into electricity

Top Portable Solar Power Products for Your Home

One way of conserving energy is by using portable solar power products in your home. By reducing your consumption, your monthly energy cost decreases as well.