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Advantages of Polycrystalline Solar Cells

Solar energy has become a popular alternative to conventional energy sources. Technological advances resulted into more efficient photovoltaic solar panels that are less expensive that the ones in previous years. It makes it easy for every home to supplement their power source with solar energy.

Chosing a Home Solar Electricity System

Getting home solar electricity is much more affordable today than it was ten years ago. In fact, many state governments are currently offering tax rebates to persons who choose to convert their systems to home solar electricity.

Emergency Solar Power for Survival Kits. How it’s Used, and Where to Find It

Renewable energy, such as emergency solar power, can play an essential part when disaster strikes. Whether it is a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane, a storm, a wildfire, or a simple power outage, you’ll feel safer if you know that your basic electrical needs will be met.

Thin Film Solar Panels

What are thin film solar panels, and why are they so important? What do they mean for broad-scale solar power solutions?