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Coleman Solar Charger CL-300

The Coleman Solar Charger CL-300 4.5-Watt 15-Volt Solar Panel Battery Charger/Maintainer is the perfect companion for anyone who is continuously on-the-go.

When going away on camping, fishing or other outdoors recreational trips, people can still bring devices such as laptops, portable TVs and mobile phones, to name a few. For some, electronic devices are necessities that they can’t live without. One wants these devices to be fully charged at all times. But finding an electrical outlet can be hard, when you are in the wilderness or on a fishing expedition.

This this not have to be a problem for you if you have a portable Coleman solar panel to hand, such as the CL-300. It can be used to charge small electronic devices, such as mobile phones and GPS tracking devices. All you need is some daylight, and the solar panels will generate electrical energy which will be transferred to your batteries.

colemansolarchargercl300The Coleman solar panel can also be used to maintain batteries of recreational vehicles (RVs), SUVs, tractors, cars, boats, and other vehicles. It is a deep-cycle charger that’s designed to maintain a vehicle’s 12-volt battery. The panel built to be protected from natural battery discharge as well as from electronic drain. The CL-300 has a reverse-current protection so that it won’t drain your battery during the night. It will even work from inside a vehicle, as long as it’s exposed to daylight. Even on a cloudy day, the CL-300 will do its job efficiently.

If you bring a Coleman Solar Charger CL-300 on your next trip, you’re almost guaranteed to have access to electrical power whenever needed. No need for unnecessary stops during your road trip. This solar panel is plug-and-play, and is therefore simple to use whenever you need it.

If you need more energy to run your lights and appliance, you could buy two CL-300 Solar Panels, and connect them together. Or you could go for the much powerful CL-600 CL-1200 Solar Panels. If you need to power your laptop as quickly as possible from portable solar panels, look for panels that can generate at least 50 watts. But you can still use the CL-300 to recharge the laptop’s batteries; it will just take a lot longer.

The CL-300 comes with 10 feet wire, cigarette lighter adaptor, and battery clamp connectors. If you’re using it for delicate devices, it is advisable to get a charge controller.

Coleman Solar Charger CL-300 Features:

  • Power: 15 volts, 300mA, Max output: 4.5 watts
  • Overall dimensions: 17.5” x 15.8” x 2.7”
  • Weight: 2.48 lbs

For more information, or to purchase, please see the product page for the

Coleman Solar Charger CL-300.

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