Educational Solar Power Kits

elencosolardeluxeeducationalkitSolar energy is one of the most reliable renewable energy around. Kids are taught of the importance of the sun at schools. But you can add to the lessons by giving them educational solar power kits that are available in the market. It teaches the basic principles involved of solar energy and science to the little ones. Parents can use the time to bond with children. There are several educational solar power kits in the market today.

Educational solar power kits have the ability of charging a battery or power a small electronic device. They come fully assembled with data sheets that show their schematics and other tech details. They are designed to be used in a controlled classroom setting under the supervision of a teacher or any adult who knows the basic safety procedures.

There are various educational solar power kits in the market. You can choose from several kits. Be sure to read on the types of kits available before purchasing one. Below are some of the kits that you can buy for your young ones.

OWI 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit

OWI offers a high quality solar education kit that would teach children about the benefits of solar energy. They can assemble six different models, such as windmill, airboat, puppy, and two airplanes. One project can only be made at one time. It is not advisable for kids under three years of age because of small parts that can cause choking.

Elenco Solar Deluxe Educational Kit

Elenco comes with a science kit that includes a fan blade and four plastic discs that can be mounted on the motor shaft. It also has a 1.5V incandescent bulb with leads, a sound module with leads, and graphic cards that can be mounted on the discs. It has a 5 volt DC motor and 5V DC solar cells that are pre-wired and mounted in plastic frames.

3-in-1 Educational T3 Solar Transforming Robot Science Kit

This educational solar power kit allows the user to build three different models, which are solar robot, solar scorpion, and solar tank. This allows the kids to develop their brains by assembling the toy and at the same time learn about the benefits of solar energy. The instructions are easy to follow. The kit comes with a solar panel, two sheets of plastic parts, mechanisms, and stickers.

Educational solar power kits allow you to introduce solar power technology to the kids. They are inexpensive and a fun way of teaching them the benefits of solar power.

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