Important Facts About Portable Solar Power Battery Chargers

solar2in1foldingpanelPortable solar power battery chargers bring convenience to a lot of people on a regular basis. Also, since it’s a green power source, it could decrease one’s carbon footprint. But, there are different types of solar battery chargers in the market today. You must know what your energy requirements are and you must get the charger that will deliver all of your needs.

Super small chargers (six watts or less) are capable of charging the battery in a few hours. Unfortunately, it would take the whole day to charge the battery 100 percent. Examples of this include the following.

Don’t expect a portable solar power battery charger to function like an AC charger. You need to understand that solar energy works differently but it still does the job. It would take three to five times longer for a solar battery charger to charge a battery, compared to how long it would take a typical AC charger.

There are different portable power battery chargers for various batteries. Some portable power battery chargers come with several adaptors that can make the charger compatible with several devices, and can charge these devices at the same time. Look at the Solar Mobile Charger with 6 Power Tips, for instance. This battery charger can be used to charge various electronic devices like MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile phones, and several other devices.

If you need to charge a laptop, you’ll need a charger that’s more than 20 watts. SolarGorilla & PowerGorilla Combo Kit Laptop Charger can power the notebook or laptop and, at the same time, re-charge other electronic devices.

If portability is important, you have to sacrifice power. Batteries with less power take the portable solar power battery charger more time to fully charge the battery. A ‘low watt charger’ means you need to turn off the device first before charging it. These types of chargers are not capable of running the devices, and are only used to charge the batteries.

A powerful charger can be used to power an electronic device while charging. Some devices require more juice to operate, like laptops, iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones, just to name a few. You need to know how much power the device requires and buy the right portable solar power battery charger for that device.

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