New Portable Solar Devices

joosorangePortable solar devices have always been sought after by consumers who want to decrease their carbon blueprint. This is why new products are introduced in the market day after day. Below are some of the solar devices that are making waves among consumers today.

Joos Orange

This device was the only solar product that won the Best of Innovations award at the CEA 2011. Solar Components said that JOOS Orange is the most efficient solar charger in the market today. Its size and capabilities make it the perfect companion for people who are on the go. It has an 8-bit microprocessor with proprietary software that controls the Maximum Power Point Tracking and optimizes the charge rate. Its solar cells are designed for long life without yellowing. It is water-submersible and heat-ventilated, which makes it the most rugged solar charger around.

It comes with various tips to make it compatible with most portable devices. Additional tips are available if necessary. It features two LED lights to indicate the solar photovoltaic status and battery capacity level.

Barefoot Power Firefly Super Bright LED Lamp

LED desk lamps provide brighter light and at the same time consume less electricity. A typical LED bulb can last up to 100,000 hours. That means you would never have to replace your LED bulbs. LED lights are whiter and brighter compared to the off-white light produced by the standard filament bulbs.

The Barefoot Power Firefly Super Bright LED Lamp features a stylish yet functional design. It has three settings, which are Night Light, Medium and High. To power the lamp, it has a 1-watt polycrystalline solar panel with 12 foot wire designed for outdoor use. Power is stored in a 900mAh Ni-Cd battery.

The solar panel can fully charge the lamp’s battery with five hours of direct sunlight. When fully charged, it can provide up to 50 hours of light on Night Light mode, 7 hours of medium light, and 4 hours of bright light.


Solarball doesn’t generate power but it does something that can benefit man. It is a simple device that purifies water. It can help prevent diseases and save lives. It was developed Jonathan Liow as his final year project during his Bachelor of Industrial Design at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

It can produce up to three liters of clean drinking water daily. It works through simple evaporation and condensation of water. As evaporation occurs, the contaminants are separated from the water. The condensation would be collected and ready for consumption. It is not yet available in the market byt it was exhibited at the Milan International Design Fair last April.

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