Portable Solar Energy and other Alternative Energy Phone Chargers

premiumsolarchargerMore people are dependent on electronic devices in their daily lives. There are people who have two or more mobile phones with them. The amount of energy consumed by all devices can be huge. Environment-conscious people are looking for alternatives to charge their mobile phones.

Solar phone charger

The most common green charger uses solar energy. There are several portable solar energy chargers in the market today. There are two types of solar chargers. One of them powers the electronic device directly. An example would be the sCharger-5 from Suntactics.

The other type of solar charger has a battery pack that will be charged in the sun and could be used to power other electronic devices. A perfect example for this is the Premium Solar Charger from XTG Technology.

The biggest disadvantage that solar cells have at present is their low charging currents, which is not compatible with the latest smartphones that consumes a lot of energy. Solar technology is improving each day and we could probably expect more efficient solar cells in the near future that can allow faster gathering of energy.

On the good side, solar chargers are ultra-portable because of their small size. They could be left on the car’s dashboard while driving. An hour’s worth of sun would be enough to keep the phone on standby or for a quick call.

Kinetic energy phone charger

Kinetic energy could be used all throughout the day. A kinetic energy charger is a small device that has a moving magnet around a coil. This type of phone charger could be used while exercising, walking, jogging, and any activity where there’s motion involved.

Nokia came out with a mobile phone charger for bike riders. It uses kinetic energy via a small dynamo attached to the tire of a bicycle. When the wheel turns, it powers a charger that can be used to charge a device at a rate that’s similar to a wall charger.

Another type of kinetic energy charger in the market is a crank up charger. They are powered by physically turning the crank with one’s hands. Emergency Zone made one that comes with 14 adapters. It is compatible with Motorola, Nextel, Sony Ericsson, iPod, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, and LG. Crank chargers are small that they can in one’s pocket or bag. These are efficient enough to power a mobile phone for a quick emergency call within seconds.

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