Portable Solar Panels to Power Mobile Devices

unisolarpvl68powerbondpvl68wattThere are lots of applications for solar power systems. There are solar panels that are light-weight, inexpensive and effective. These types of solar panels are ideal for portable electronic devices. Some products in the market are designed with solar panels incorporated in them. They are sturdy and can provide continuous use by absorbing energy from the sun.

Flexible solar panels are made by spraying silicon solution on a flexible substrate. It is like painting the material with a pattern to make a small solar array. Depending on the layout and the size of the substrate, the amount of current and voltage generated varies.

Flexible solar panel can be made in any shape or size. It can be placed into any type of product. The most common use of flexible solar panels is in portable battery charger for mobile phones and laptops. These products are usually composed of solar panels that are folded or rolled to make it easy to carry around when not in use.

Portable solar battery charger allows the user to charger the devices to be used or charge internal batteries to store power for later use. An example of a portable solar battery charger is the ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore External Battery Pack, which is a multi-functional charger with a LED flashlight.

There are clothing items that have flexible solar panel systems incorporated into their design. These allow the user to take advantage of electricity while wearing the items. Some allow the users to charge portable devices while on the go.

There are backpacks that have flexible solar panels on one side and a pocket to keep the portable device to be charged. These items allow the user to extend the battery life of the devices without the need of plugging them into an outlet. One such bag is the Voltaic Systems Off-Grid Solar, which can be used on any USB powered device. It comes with five adapters.

Portable solar panels are used in various types of outdoor lighting products. They might require sunlight to charge the battery but they work in the dark. The solar powered lighting fixtures are placed in a sunny location outdoors to charge a battery. Then the battery would power the lights at night. Coleman offers the Moonrays Payton Style Solar Plastic Path LED Light. The kit comes with ten path lights. They feature LED that are twice the brightness of normal bulbs.

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