Portable Solar Power for the Active Lifestyle

brunton flexible solar moduleBecause of portable solar power, you don’t need to leave your electronic devices behind when you go trekking, camping, or even kayaking. There are several light-weight solutions that you can use so that you can enjoy continuous use of your gadgets in the outdoors.

Probably the most popular gadget today is the iPad. Some campers would want to bring it but are hesitant to bring it because for fear the battery will die on them. Now, you don’t need to worry about this issue when you have the right equipment, which includes the Brunton Flexible Solar Module (14 Watt) and the Brunton Sustain – 73WH Rechargable Battery Md: 81-000018.

The Brunton Flexible Solar Module is made of amorphous solar cells that can be effective even in low light. It has reverse flow protection to avoid discharge from happening. It is made of durable material to help it withstand the forces of nature. And it is waterproof.

The Brunton Sustain is a 73WH rechargeable battery that has multiple voltage output. You can choose from USB, 12V, 16V, and/or 19V. Paired with the Brunton Flexible Solar Module, you have a portable solar power charger that is best used in the outdoors. The Brunton Sustain is light-weight, water resistant, and has a durable casing.

Although this portable solar power charger setup is water resistant, you should avoid submerging it in water. Additionally, you might damage your electronic device when it gets wet. A damaged device is of no use even if you have your own power source.

If you’re asking whether this setup will work with an iPad, the answer is a resounding yes. The iPad is powered by two 3.75V rechargeable batteries in parallel that can last up to ten hours. That might be enough juice for a short trek. However, if you’re spending a couple of days away, then that would not be enough.

The Brunton Flexible Solar Module produces 14 watts of power with a current of 15.1V at 900mA. If you adjust the Brunton Sustain’s output to 12V, this setting is compatible with the iPad. If you think you’re not getting enough juice, you can get another Brunton Flexible Solar Module and connect the devices together to double the output. This portable solar power charger is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities because you can easily roll the panel up when not in use.

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