Portable Solar Power Christmas Gift Ideas

voltaicsystems1004messengersolarbagIf you are still thinking of that last minute Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, then this list could help you give the gift of solar. Portable solar power products let the receiver enjoy the device without worrying about batteries and stuff. The gadgets can be used wherever and whenever as long as the sun is shining.

Messenger Solar Bag

Voltaic Systems offers a messenger solar bag that can provide 4 Watts of solar power that is stored in a 3,000 mAh battery. It can be used to carry a 15 inch laptop. It is padded to protect the laptop, which can be charged while on the go. It has pockets for documents and smaller ones for electronic devices. It is waterproof and built to withstand abuse of daily use. It is the ideal travel bag or a daily bag for workers in the city. Aside from a laptop, it can also charge any USB powered device. When the sun is out, it the bag’s battery can be charged through a USB Power cable, AC travel charger, or DC car charger.

Solar Cooling Hat

Who said solar can’t be fashionable? This solar powered cooling hat has an adjustable strap to make it fit most head sizes. It doesn’t come with batteries but who needs them when you got solar panels. This will keep your head cool during sunny days. It would work as long as you’re in direct exposure to the sun.

Eclipse Solar Backpack

Now you can charge your electronic devices on the go with this solar backpack from Eclipse. This is proud product of the USA comes with a flexible, thin-film solar module that can generate up to 4 watts of power. The bag has several pockets that can hold smartphones, iPods and other accessories. At the back side of the backpack is a padded cavity for a laptop. It has a main section to hold other things such as clothing or books. At the front is a accessory pouch that has pen holders, cd holders, and removable clip for keys or USB thumb drives.

Samsonite Luggage Window Solar Charger

Samsonite is a trusted name for luggage but now it also offers solar chargers for travelers. This solar charging kit can be placed in direct sunlight to charge any device on the go. It has a charging indicator and comes with its own string carry case for easy storage and carrying around.

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