Portable Solar Power Panels Help Run Small Electronic Devices

powerfilm usb aa solar panel chargerA portable solar power kit is the solution you’re looking for if you want to start harnessing the power of the sun without investing a lot of money. Installing solar panels can be pricey, and maintaining the panels can be difficult in the long-term.

Yes, solar power panels can decrease your household energy bills and will eventually pay for themselves over time. But, because of the high initial cash out, people are hesitant to join the solar bandwagon. This is where portable solar power comes in.

Portable solar power is often associated with campers and adventurers, but regular folks can also use these kits in the comforts of their own homes. Campers, hikers, and boaters usually use these kits to charge batteries, even when they’re far from an electric outlet.

People can use portable solar power to provide energy to small electronic devices like phones, laptops, radios, music players, or even coffee brewers. Some solar chargers are small enough that you can use the gadget even while charging.

There are several portable solar power kits, and each kit comes in different shapes and sizes. Choose the power output that you need. Listed below are some of the portable solar power kits available in the market today.

PowerFilm USB + AA Solar Panel Charger

This kit is so small that it fits in your pocket. It charges two AA rechargeable batteries and has a USB port to charge a USB device. You can use this to charge your phone, although you do need a lot of sun for a full charge with this charger.

Sunforce 50013 1 Watt Motorcycle & Powersports Solar Battery Charger

If you have a motorcycle, ATV, personal water craft, tractor, or a snowmobile, then this portable solar power battery charger is for you! It keeps your batteries from being discharged when they are not in use. It is weatherproof, maintenance-free, and has a built-in discharge and overcharge protection. Best of all, this charger even works in low-light conditions.

Brunton 26 Watt Foldable Solar Array

This portable solar power kit produces 26 watts of energy. It converts sunlight in all conditions. This kit is ideally used for laptops, mobile phones and digital cameras. It has reverse protection. When it is not in use, you just have to fold it up and store it in a portable sack. How convenient!

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