Portable Solar Power for RVs

premium solar chargerWhen you’re out on a trip in your RV, you can save money on fuel if you utilize a portable solar power system. Not only will you save on your fuel bill, you’ll also have peace of mind at night because solar power is much quieter than the typical generator used to provide electricity when an RV is parked. Plus, your carbon footprint will be decreased.

It doesn’t matter whether you use your RV once a year or more. The benefits of installing a portable solar power in your RV is worth it. And, your battery will not die on you because the solar panels can trickle small amounts of energy to the battery so that it will not discharge.

Potable solar power for RVs gets cheaper each year. This is why this type of system is also used in homes to power appliances. Take the 12v solar panels for example. These panels might be a large investment, but think of it as long-term investment that will eventually pay for itself.

By utilizing solar panels, you’ll get free energy as long as the system is working. Portable solar power will not only give you energy for electrical appliances, but you can also use the solar energy for hot water. Think of all the savings you’ll have when you install a solar power system.

RV owners want something that will not add weight to their vehicles. This is why portable solar power designs are small and lightweight. The solar panels can easily be moved to get the most from the sun. Most kits come with long cables so that the RVs can be in the shade while the solar panels are placed under the sun.

Keep in mind that the location of the sun changes throughout the day. You need to have a solar power system that can easily be moved at any given time. There are also solar panels that are made of materials that can get the full potential from the sun even when the conditions are not ideal.

Installing portable solar power is easy, even if you don’t know anything about electronics. It is as simple as connecting a wire from the solar panel to the battery. Just make sure you read the manual first and connect the wire to the right terminal.

You also need to install a charge controller within the circuit so that the solar panel will not overcharge the battery. This will also prevent discharging the battery. Most portable solar power kits for RVs are designed to be connected and disconnected with ease.

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