Portable Solar Power Saves Money & Lives

sundanzer solar powered refrigeratorPortable solar power will not only save money, but can also be used to save lives! These portable devices that generate energy using sunlight can be a big help in areas that are off the grid. Portable solar power could energize the Sundanzer Solar-Powered Refrigerator that helps keep medicines cold on a mission in an off-grid village. Or, portable solar power would be able to provide power in emergency situations with the Briefcase Solar Generator.

Portable solar power is ideal for people who love spending time outdoors through activities like hiking, fishing, and camping to name a few. These individuals can generate their own energy from the sun to power electronic devices like radios, flashlights, and mobile phones.

Construction companies depend on portable solar power generators to save on their fuel expenses. Additionally, the company cuts down on its greenhouse gas emission. The contractors can save time too because they don’t need to refuel their generators. As long as the sun is up, the batteries are charging. Another advantage is that solar generators are quiet and would not add to the noise pollution generated by the construction.

As mentioned before, portable solar power can save lives. These devices can keep perishable items fresh even in the most remote place on earth. This is even more of an opportunity to help developed countries. These are the times where portable solar power can save lives. The medicines and vaccines could spell life and death in these remote places.

Moreover, portable solar generators can be used during natural disasters, like earthquakes. The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan left some parts of the country in the dark because electric plants were decommissioned after the disasters struck. In times like this, solar energy can be used to provide power where needed. A rescue operation be executed properly by using portable solar power devices.

These devices can also be useful for trekking expeditions in the wild. Your GPS device or cellphone might need to be re-charged at some point during the trip. Before, it would be impossible, but now, people have portable solar power chargers that can re-charge multiple devices. Now, you don’t need to worry about a battery. You can call for help when you get lost and for other emergency situations.

These are just some examples of how portable solar power devices can be used to save lives. Do you know any other way in which these devices can save lives? You can share your experience in the comment section below.

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