Pros and Cons of Portable Solar Generator

xantrextech8522071xpoweracdcpowerpackA portable solar generator is used to harness the power of the sun to generate energy that can be utilized during a power interruption or while camping outdoors. You probably find a unit in your neighborhood or on a RV campground.

Construction companies have been using portable solar generator in their jobsites for years. It is only recently when consumers could afford one due to the advances in the technology that reduced the costs of solar power kits.

Portable solar generators are silent and friendly to the environment. It could be used together with traditional power sources and fossil fuel powered generators. It provides an alternative way of producing electricity wherever you need it.

Portable solar generators have simple design with minimum maintenance required. Solar panels are usually made out of silicones, which absorb heat from sunlight and convert it into energy. The energy is stored to a battery. Most solar generators have deep cycle batteries that allow power to be discharged over time. The stored energy is direct current and an inverter must be used to convert it into alternating current or AC. The generator also has at least one power outlet to plug the devices in.

Advantages of Portable Solar Generator

Portable solar generator is easy to assemble. It is composed of few parts with easy to follow steps.
No fuel is needed to generate electricity. That means there’s no need to store fuel, which can be a fire hazard. As long as the sun is out, a solar generator does its job. It operates directly from sunlight or through its backup batteries.
It is safe to operate and doesn’t contain any hazardous materials.
It is quiet when in use, which means it would not disturb your neighbors. This is the reason why most RV owners switched to solar power for their electricity needs.
It is portable and designed to be to be carried around. IT is small enough to be stored in one’s RV, boat, or small cabin in a remote location.
Most portable solar generators are compatible with most electronic devices and appliances. Some come with both AC and DC outlets.
It decreases one’s carbon footprint. You generate electricity without releasing harmful gases to the atmosphere.

Disadvantages of Portable Solar Generator

The initial cost for a portable solar generator is high. This is a major deterrent for most consumers.
Aside from the initial costs, replacing batteries can be expensive as well.
It depends on the sun to recharge its batteries. No sun would mean no energy generated.
Battery life depends on the size of the unit. The smaller the unit the shorter its battery life will be.

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