Best Selling Portable Solar Lights

conceptsl10032ledsolarsecuritylightThere are various solar energy devices in the market today and now it’s time to highlight the portable solar lights. These are devices that can provide lighting solutions anywhere you might be with the use of clean energy source. These are ideal for campers, boats, and cabins. Below are the top selling portable solar lights.

Smart Solar Gutter Night Light

This solar powered gutter light from Smart Solar can be mounted from any flat surface, such as gutters, sheds, fences, and walls. It is water resistant and designed for outdoor use. It is small enough to be stored in a backpack so that you can carry it around during a camping trip. It has a detachable solar light head so that you can use it as a portable flashlight during emergencies. You can easily reattach it to the base for charging. You can also use it at home to light up stairways, fences, and other areas.

Designer Edge L-949 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light

This solar shed light from Designer Edge has super bright 100,000 hour LEDs. It is glass protected to help withstand outdoor conditions. It has a 20-foot cord that allows the user to place the solar panel in direct sunlight. The shed light can be mounted on a wall or a pole. It has two power settings. It can be used to illuminate any area for security or safety. The kit comes with 3 AA rechargeable batteries.

Concept SL-100 32 LED Solar Security Light with Motion Detector

This outdoor security light has 32 LEDs with range of 190 feet. It is 100 percent solar powered and doesn’t require any electrical wiring. This makes it easy to install. On a full charge, it can provide light up to ten hours. It has a built-in motion detector with photocell sensor, which would turn the light on when it senses motion within the vicinity. It also has a built-in timer so that the user can schedule when the light turns on and off.

Solar Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight and Lantern

This is different from the other products featured in this article. This is an external battery and charger that can charge small electronic devices via solar power. Aside from that, it can also be used as a lighting option. It has a button for various modes, such as flashlight, SOS strobe, dim lantern and bright lantern. It has a hook so that you can hang it in tents, backpacks, and windshields.

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