Solar Portable Generator

solargeneratorfromsolutionsfromscienceWith a solar portable generator, you can store power that you can use when needed. This could be helpful during natural disasters where power interruptions are imminent. Hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and snow cut electrical power that affects millions every year.

The country’s power grids are interconnected with each other that when a power plant goes down, it starts a domino effect that could lead to blackouts in several areas. This is why having a solar portable generator is beneficial for your home.

Having backup power supply will let you be prepared for unexpected power interruptions. Be sure you get one today and not when the lights are already out. Below are some of the bestselling solar portable generator kits in the market today.

Portable Solar Power Generator Basic Kit “101”

This solar portable generator kit from Perigee Power Solutions is a 12V DC/15V AC generator. It generates power that can be used for laptops, fans, lamps, and battery chargers. It can provide power for up to three hours without sunlight and indefinitely when the sun is up. The DC port lets the user plug in any electronic device that can run with a cigarette lighter plug. The Portable Solar Power Generator can also be charged through the house’s AC outlet for routine battery maintenance. It is portable enough and designed to be used on the road. Perigee Power Solutions also provide expansion kits to upgrade the generator.

Portable Solar Generator A.S.S. 800

Antaressunstar’s A.S.S. 800 is said to be the most compact portable solar generator in the market. You can have power anywhere as long as the sun is up. It is safe to use both outdoors and indoors because it produces no noise and fumes. It has an aluminum outer casing that is tough and corrosion-proof. It has built-in wheels that can roll smoothly on any surface. It weighs seven pounds and measures 25 inches when folded and 39 inches tall when extended. The kit comes with two 40-watt solar panels, solar charger controller, 105Amph battery storage, and 1 GFCI outlet.

Solar Generator From Solutions From Science

This solar portable generator can provide instant electrical power when needed. It can be used for various situations. This is the perfect plug and play solution for emergency backup power. It can be used to run the lights, computers, TV sets, radios or pumps during a power interruption. It can also be used for places that are disconnected from the grid.

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