Solar Powered String Lights for the Holiday Season

auroraglowstringlightsThe holiday season is here and people are starting to decorate their homes with festive decors. This year, you can make your house look merry without adding to your electrical bill by using solar powered string lights.

Solar string lights can be used to decorate any part of your home, whether indoors or outdoors. At present electric string lights are still in used, advancement in both lighting and solar technologies made it possible to produce solar powered lights at a very affordable price. These string lights let you save on your electric bill this holiday season. Now you can place a lot of blinking lights without worrying about the cost of running them.

Another advantage of using solar powered string lights is that you don’t have to worry about power failures. Even when snow storms hit your area, you can be sure that your string lights are always on. Your house would be the only one with the lights on, thanks to solar power. Plus, voltage fluctuation can damage the bulbs.

Solar powered string light is the simplest way to illuminate your home this holiday season. Your house will be safe from the risk of short circuits, with uninterrupted lights, and savings on your electric bill. They are available in various lengths and sizes. Below are some of solar powered string lights available in the market.

Aurora Glow String Lights

This solar powered Aurora Glow lights feature hand-blown glass with elegant detailing. The kit consists of six bright LED lights, six copper hanging hooks, and high powered Ni-MH battery with nightly glow timer. Solar collector included as well.

GudCraft Solar Powered Holiday String Lights

This solar powered string light requires no electric outlet, which means it wouldn’t cost a cent to power the 100 LED lights. It charges during the day and lights up at night. You can decorate your house without the need to use extension cords.

Tropical Fruit Solar String Lights

This ten piece Soji string light set turns on when darkness comes. You just need to place the solar collector under direct sunlight. The kit includes 10 string lights, 10 white LED lights, a solar panel, planting stakes, and a light sensor. You can choose between white or tropical fruit colors. It has 10 lanterns on each strand.

Smart Solar Light String with Crystal Ball Covers

This comes with 30 LED lights with translucent crystal ball covers. It automatically switches on at dark and can stay on for six hours straight on a full charge. The energy is stored in a replaceable rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

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