Sunlinq Portable Solar Panel Charger 12W 12V

sunlinqportablesolarpanelcharger12w12vThe Sunlinq Portable Solar Panel Charger is a powerful solar panel kit that can be used to charge almost all electronic devices while you’re not at home. This is ideal for camping trips, road trips in an RV, on a boat, or for one’s cabin that’s not connected to the power grid.

It weighs less than a pound, making it lightweight. You can easily fold it into a planner-size pack that can be placed in one’s backpack. Its weight and size make it an ultra-portable solar charging kit. It is also UV resistant and weatherproof that’s perfect for outdoor use.

The Sunlinq Portable Solar Panel Charger is designed to function even in rainy and cloudy skies. So you can charge your electronic devices as long as the sun is up. It features PowerFLEX technology, which makes the solar panels foldable, flexible and durable.

The solar panels are able to generate power that’s enough to charge batteries, lanterns, flash lights, GPS units, mobile phones, MP3 players, portable gaming consoles, and more. If the device is capable of being charge via a standard cigarette lighter adapter then it can be used with this solar charger.

In an average, mobile phones run or charge in two to three hours tops. MP3 players, PDAs, GPS units, portable video game console, digital camera, digital camcorder, portable DVD players, and 4AA Ni-MH batteries run or charge in one to three hours.

To get more from the Sunlinq Portable Solar Panel Charger 12W 12V, you should combine it with the Sunforce 50056 Solar Accessory Kit. It comes with a 12V DC plug, female socket connector, voltage tester with LED, battery clamps, regulator connector with tinned wires, and 12 feet of wire. This kit will let you connect multiple panels and inverters with ease.

When you’re camping, you don’t want to bring useless things. Along with the Sunlinq Portable Solar Panel Charger, you should have self-powered devices. One of which is the Etón American Red Cross ARCFR160R Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger (Red). You can use it to listen to AM, FM and NOAA weatherband. It also acts as a charger as long as the device can be connected via USB. There are two ways to power the Eton American Red Cross Microlink Radio. You can leave it under the sun or turn the crank to power it up.

The Sunlinq Portable Solar Panel Charger 12W 12V is a useless solar power kit that you should have if you love the outdoors. Hooking it up is easy and would let you harness the sun’s power instantly.

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