Sunsei Solar Panel SE 500

The Sunsei SE-500 Solar Panel is a solar trickle charger you can get for your RV. It is designed to trickle charge and maintain small to medium sized vehicles, including RVs, cars, boats, trucks and tractors.

You can save up to $1,000 in battery replacements and boosting, throughout the solar panels’ lifetime. Not only that, but you’ll be decreasing your carbon dioxide emissions by 22 lbs each year.

The Sunsei SE-500 provides 7.5 watts of power. That’s enough to keep your batteries charged. But if you’re using many electronic devices, it is recommended that you get a much powerful solar panel, such as the SE 1500 and the SE 4000.

The Sunsei SE-500 Solar Panel is perfect for maintaining dual batteries. It has a built in blocking diode, which protects it from electronic drain and natural discharge. It is also weather-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about it getting drenched during a sudden rain pour. It is even efficient in low light conditions.

If you’re in the middle of nowhere and suddenly your electronic device’s batteries die, you can use the SE 500 to charge it. This is the perfect portable solar panel to bring when fishing, camping, boating, exploring, or traveling in your RV. It can also trickle-charge every battery type available. And there is no need to worry about overcharging your batteries, even if it is connected all the time.

The SE 500 is also easy to use. You won’t need to use any tools to connect it to your battery. Because it is plug-and-play, you’ll be saving time, and the connections will be reliable. It has a touch-screen LED power indicator to let you know when the solar panel is working. You can connect several panels together in an instant if you need more juice for your devices.

The panel comes with cigarette lighter adapters, terminal rings, battery clamps, and connector wires.

Optionally, a solar charge controller can be bought separately. This is needed if you’re going to maintain AGM and gel battery types. The charge controller can also help you avoid the overcharging of low capacity batteries.

Another accessory sold separately is the Sunsei SolarGrip. It lets you mount your SE 500 on top of your roof without the need for drilling holes.

Sunsei SE 500 Features and Specifications:

  • Power: 0.5A, 15V (7.5W)
  • Overall Dimensions: 19.05″ x 10.16″ x 0.55″
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Push button LED power indicator
  • Weatherproof
  • Comes with a ten year power warranty of up to 80% of power output
  • Charges: all battery types

View or Purchase the Sunsei SE500 Solar Panel

To view, purchase, or find out more about the Sunsei SE500 Solar Panel, please visit the following link:

Sunsei 25006 SE-500 7.5-Watt 15-Volt Solar Panel Battery Charger / Maintainer

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