The SunWize SW55A Solar Module

sunwizesw55a55wattsolarmoduleSunWize is known as one of the leading distributors of solar electric systems for homeowners. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the company only carries reliable products. One of these is the SunWize SW55A Solar Module.

The SunWize SW55A Solar Module can be used alone, or in multiple-module installations. It can power parts of your home, it can power a water pump, or it can be used for charging batteries. Each solar module has two strings of 36 solar cells, connected in series.

The SunWize SW55A Solar Module features a glass surface that permits maximum light emission. It is shatter-proof, and can resist hailstone forces of up to 5 ft-lbs. The solar cells are enclosed within multiple layers of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and are laminated, to help them withstand the elements for longer. The module comes with a weatherproof junction box which contains its electrical wirings.

This SunWize solar panel can produce a maximum of 55 watts. It has a rated voltage output of 16.7 volts.

This would be enough to power small DC devices such as lights, radios, a TV, or a DVD player. If you will need to power more appliances, it is recommended that you get a multiple module system for your home. Generally speaking, 55 watts is sufficient for the power consumption of an RV or boat.

Even if you’re connected to the grid, you can become independent of by installing SunWize solar panels in your home. With a federal in tax credit of up to 30%, plus applicable local and state incentives, the cost of installing your own solar power system at home has become cheaper than ever before.

A SunWize system will operate in the background of your residential electrical system. You can choose to be partially or fully powered by the sun. A 55-watt solar panel will not be enough to make you completely independent from the power grid, but four to five modules might be sufficient. It will depend on your household’s power consumption.

You could also go for a much more powerful solar panel, such as the SunWize SW100C or the SW1750.

Each SunWize SW55A Solar Module comes with pre-drilled mounting holes to make its installation easier. You could probably install it yourself, but there are also certified SunWize installers in most areas.

It comes with a limited 25 year, and an 80% power output warranty.

SunWize SW55A Solar Module Specifications:

  • Power: 16.7 volts, 3.3 amp, Max output: 55 watts
  • Overall dimensions: 35.11″ x 22.59″ x 1.34″
  • Weight: 13.22 lbs
  • Panel type: crystalline solar cells

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For more information, or to view or purchase Sunwize solar panels, please see the SunWize SW55A Solar Module or Sunwize Solar Panels.


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