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Different Portable Solar Power Chargers

There are various portable solar power chargers that are available in the market. These promise to recharge common electronic devices such as music players and mobile phones. USB ports are common in most devices, which mean that a single charger can be used for several gadgets.

How to Make your Own Portable Solar Power Charger

Having your own portable solar power charger can do wonders. Imagine camping out in the wods and your GPS unit suddenly runs out of energy. With a solar power charger you can recharge it back to life without the need of looking for extra batteries or a wall socket.

How Strong Should My Solar Charger Be?

The following serves as a guide to give you an idea of what type of solar device you will need for your equipment. This grid has been made for portable solar panels, while more powerful solar panels are also available for mounting on RVs Boats or homes.