Top Camping Solar Charger Kits

40wisolarportablefoldingsolarchargerkitCamping used to be all about communing with nature and bringing just the essentials while on the trip. But these days some of the items brought to a camping trip are electronic devices, such as a GPS unit, mobile phone or a portable music player.

But you need a way to charge these devices when camping. Solar charger kits might just be what you’re looking for. You can charge your electronic devices even when you’re in a remote location where there’s no outlet. Below are the some of the top camping solar charger kits available in the market.

XTG Technology Premium Solar Charger

This portable battery and charger is the ultimate emergency power solution. You will not be left with a dead electronic device while camping. Solar charger kit from XTG Technology lets you charge through solar power or via the USB port. It has a 1500mAh Lithium Ion battery and an USB output that can charge any USB powered devices, such as mp3 players, mobile phones, and more. It should be noted that this solar charger can only charge up to 50 percent when using solar power. You should use the internal battery to fully charge the device.

It has a capacity and charging indicator at the back that would show the remaining power level as well as the charge status. This solar charger comes with two window suction cups and a micro USB charge cable. It has a built-in LED flashlight that would be ideal for reading while camping.

California Solar Portable Folding Solar Charger Kit

This camping solar charger can generate 40 watts of solar power. It has a built in Lithium Ion battery, which can be used to power laptops, mobile phones, lights, iPads, and any other electronic device that has a USB cable or a standard plug. Included in the kit are 40 watt foldable solar panel, car jumper cables, cigarette lighter adapter and a power inverter. It comes with a one year warranty.

It features the new technology called Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT, which tracks solar power more reliable and efficient. When the intensity of sunlight changes, the current and voltage from the solar panel change as well. The MPPT calculate the amount and adjusts so that the output is at maximum all the time.

Goal0 Nomad Solar Panel

This camping solar charger has a USB charging port to charge devices with. Aside from that, it also has a 12 volt DC charging port and includes a 12 volt female cigarette adapter. It is light weight and portable. Compared to other solar panels, it is 30 percent smaller and weighs 13 ounces. It is ideal for long hikes and camping.

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