Top Portable Solar Battery Packs for Travellers

Portable solar battery packs can extend thekiwiupoweredportablepowersource battery life of your mobile phones and other electronic devices. This is ideal for people travelling overseas. They don’t need to worry about the voltage of the wall socket. All they need is some sunlight and nothing more.

Here are some of the bestselling portable solar battery packs in the market today:

ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore External Battery Pack

This external battery pack can be used to recharge up to 1,000 times using the sun, AC or USB power. It can fully charge most mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS units, e-Readers, and other USB powered electronic devices. The kit includes AC adapter, MiniUSB and MicroUSB charging cables. It has suction mounts so that the user can position it for maximum exposure. It features a LED power capacity indicator to let the user know how much battery is left. Take note that when using solar power, it can only charge 50 percent of the internal battery.

Kiwi U-Powered Portable Power Source

This portable solar battery pack includes a USB car charger, wall charger, and 11 connector tips for various devices. Just like the first kit above, this has a lifecycle of more than 1,000 recharges. The battery has a capacity of 2,000 mAh. This can be charged via the sun, car charger or wall outlet. It has three photovoltaic panels that can charge most electronic devices. With the Kiwi U-Powered, you’ll always have access to power even when on the go.

Amzer PowerBAR 3,500 mAh Solar Battery Charger

This has a built-in 3,500 mAh high capacity rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery. It has the most capacity among portable solar battery packs in the market. It can be charged through solar, AC adapter, USB, and car charger. It is compatible with USB powered smartphone, GPS device, MP3 player, and more. There are people complaining about the solar panels not working fast enough to charge the devices or the internal battery but it works as advertised.

Lenmar PowerPort Solar Charger and Battery

This hybrid charger lets you charger no matter where you are. The internal rechargeable battery can store powers for a year. This will make it ideal as an emergency backup battery. It has a maximum capacity of 2,200 mAh. The downside is that it has a lifecycle of up to 500 recharges. The performance depends on the intensity of the sunlight and the type of device to be charged.

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