Traveler's Guide to Portable Solar Power

tekkeon tekcharge mobile power and battery chargerA portable solar power charger can do wonders when traveling. On your trip, you will probably be carrying several electronic devices that require recharging. Recent developments in the technology make it possible for solar panels to be flexible. You can find the panels incorporated into backpacks, or rolled up for convenience.

Having your own portable solar power source during your travels is the most practical and simplest solution for charging your technological devices while on the road. Portable solar power devices let you recharge your devices anywhere. There are various solar chargers available in the market today. You should get a charger that has a plug designed for your device with the correct voltage and current output.

Most electronic devices feature a USB port that can also be used to charge it. There are several portable solar power chargers that use the USB port too. Some examples of these chargers are listed below.

Scosche SolBAT II Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger

Tekkeon TekCharge Mobile Power and Battery Charger

Back-Up Rechargeable POWER Boost for ALL BlackBerry’s, Kindle 2 & Kindle DX – Refuel 3 Ways AC, USB and SOLAR

Most solar power chargers don’t need bright sunlight to produce energy. As long as there’s light, you can use the light to power up and charge your devices. Be sure to look for solar panels that are amorphous because they work well in any weather condition.

If your device doesn’t have an USB port, make sure that the portable solar power charger you buy has the proper plug adapter. Some chargers come with multiple adapters for different devices. This is convenient if you have different electronic devices with you.

One such device is the Universal Multi-function Power Solar Charger. It can be used for various electronic devices. But, make sure to note that it is not advisable to use this charger for your Blackberry and/or Apple iPhone.

Power surges can damage your electronic devices. Because of this you should look for a portable solar power charger that has a built-in surge protector. This will prevent power spikes from ruining your gadgets. You don’t want to end up with an expensive paper weight because of an accident.

A wise traveler will also be prepared for anything, whether it’s just a short trip away from the city or a vacation to another country. Trips mean you may be bringing a laptop, mobile phone, music player, and camera. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of your trip without a charger for one of your gadgets. This is a good reason why you should always bring a portable solar power charger. Are you interested now?

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