What? Watts?

How Many Watts Does My Solar Charger Need to Supply?

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To select the correct solar device to suit your needs, you may want to find out what watt rating you need (pun accidental).

A watt is a measurement of how much electrical power is produced by a device.

To find out how many watts you need for your device, look at the adapter of the device, which you use to charge it from a power outlet.

Look at the output rating of the adapter. It should tell you how many watts the adapter generates. If it doesn’t contain this information, it should contain the ratings for amperes (amps) and volts.

To find out the watts rating of your device, simply multiply the amps times the volts.

The following is the equation:

Amperes x Volts = Watts

If possible, your solar power supply should have at least the same watts rating as the item you wish to charge. If it has less watts, you can still use it to charge your device, but it will take longer than usual. If your solar power supply has more watts than the item you wish to charge, it will probably improve the charging speed.

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